Design Process

Combine the mindset of Product Thinking and Jobs to be Done as an approach to know user better from their angle.

It’s just a summary of my whole work process.
The key point is always about three entities – User, Business, & Technology

1. Probing the Problems/Context

Start with whole issues that related with the product, then probing to get to know and understand the exact problems. It’s essential to approach this process with an empathetic mindset. Understanding their pain points will help us create a more user-centric solution. 

2. Looking for Quantitative Hypothesis

Better if we can construct the issues with exact number of users (context) usage.

3. Define JTBD (Jobs to be done)

Sometimes we need to early validate for strengthen recent hypothesis and continue ideation with JTBD mindset.

4. Construct Solution Assumptions

After captured the JTBD now we have chances to knowing the motive from their angle

5. User Testing, Cultivate Insight, and Refinement

Validate, tweak, and refine

6. Measure & Observe Product Analytic

Monitoring of product usage analytics

7. Iteration

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